Coated Seed Nutri

Starter nutrient coating for outstanding early development

Coated Seed Nutri contains a starter nutrient coating with nitrogen and phosphate to ensure that seedlings are optimally supplied with nutrients during their early stages of development. These nutrients are available to seedlings as soon as the first roots are formed to deliver rapid, healthy growth. The fertiliser concentration is fine-tuned to supply optimal quantities of nutrients to each seedling.

The difference to conventional uncoated seeds is obvious within only a few days: Seedlings with Nutri coating have a vast growth edge compared to conventional uncoated seeds, allowing them to become established much more quickly.

Seeds are coated with an additional layer of starter nutrient, which is instantly available to seedlings.

Benefits of Coated Seed Nutri – overview:

  • Coated Seed Nutri contains N+P fertiliser in addition to the “Classic” active ingredients
  • Fertiliser supplies seedlings with nutrients in the very early stages of development
  • Clear growth edge compared to conventional seeds
  • Better establishment compared to uncoated seeds
  • Healthy, robust plants