Coated Seed Vital

Increases vitality and helps prevent fungal infections

Many fungi thrive under warm and moist conditions, damaging seeds and seedlings and potentially resulting in substantially reduced pre-emergence and weak seedlings. The spores of these harmful moulds and mildews are virtually omnipresent, and fungal infections can therefore develop wherever the right micro-climate prevails.

The incorporation of Bacillus subtilis spores in seed coating effectively suppresses moulds and mildews. Active bacteria develop from these spores after sowing to protect seeds and seedlings, resulting in substantially better seedling health and considerably reduced losses. Bacillus subtilis also supports existing plants, as it actively protects them against infection.

The Bacillus subtilis spores form an additional coating component that is activated after sowing.

Benefits of Coated Seed Speed – overview:

  • Coated Seed Speed contains the bacterium Bacillus subtilis in addition to the “Classic” active ingredients
  • Bacillus subtilis actively prevents fungi from becoming established ∂ Clearly improved seed vitality under extreme conditions
  • Beneficial effect extends to already established plants
  • Natural suppression of fungi, not a chemical fungicide
  • Spores are long-lived and can develop even after long storage periods