Development of coated seed

Extension of coated seed production plant
Development of Coated Seed WASP with moisture absorber
Inauguration of the new production plant by Eckhard Uhlenberg, Minister of Agriculture
Organic certification of Coated Seed
New method for incorporating rhizobacteria into Coated Seed Rhizo; innovation award of the City of Krefeld for Coated Seed
Market launch of Coated Seed Nutri with starter nutrient coating
Launch of Coated Seed Vital with fungal inhibitor
Breakthrough in using germination accelerators in Coated Seed Speed

Structure of Coated Seed

Nutrient coating – a smart, highly effective coating

Classic Coated Seed consists of seeds coated with essential substances that promote germination. Coatings can consist of various components, including calcium carbonate for adjusting pH levels and talcum. Various micro- and macro-nutrients additionally form important parts of Coated Seeds. Coated Seeds are easy to distinguish visually from conventional, uncoated seeds, without the shape of seeds being altered.

The benefits of coating seeds apply to both single seeds and seed mixtures, regardless of whether they are sown manually or using machines. In extreme terrains that are difficult or impossible to cultivate (e.g. steep slopes), Coated Seeds don‘t require the same amount of soil preparation that uncoated seeds do.

Every Coated Seeds variety is inoculated with humic acid and a plant health booster to ensure healthy, rapid germination for any field of application.

Benefits of Classic Coated Seed – overview:

  • Better pre-emergence rates due to better soil contact
  • Optimal early development due to ideal nutrient supply of seedlings
  • Preservation and protection of coated seeds until the optimal degree of moisture is reached
  • Easy sowing and even seed distribution
  • Reliable and lasting seed placement, protection against seeds being carried away by wind
  • No losses from feeding birds and rodents
  • Contains plant health boosters to promote plant health and boost resistance in young plants
  • Contains humic acid for reliable germination and increased nutrient intake

Bio Coated Seed is identical with Classic Coated Seed, but is additionally certified organic and can therefore also be used for organic seeds.