Our Coated Seed

History, production, development

Feldsaaten Freudenberger has been producing Coated Seeds for over 30 years. Early trials were conducted by the company’s founder, Siegfried Freudenberger, with the aim of improving germination rates and early seedling development. Whilst the first batches of coated seeds were still manufactured in improvised containers in very small volumes, Feldsaaten Freudenberger today operates a sophisticated production plant that is able to coat a wide range of seed varieties with many different coatings.

The company continually develops its production technology further, and the experience it gathers is directly applied to ongoing product optimisation. This ensures that the composition of Feldsaaten Freudenberger Coated Seed is continually improved. Since 2005, a range of coatings have been available, involving not only a variety of active ingredients, but also different colours for dyeing seeds. This ensures that individual customer requests can be met. In some varieties, coat thickness can additionally be varied to deliver the coating that is best suited for the relevant purpose.

Benefits of Coated Seed at a glance:

  • Better pre-emergence rates due to better soil contact
  • Optimal early development due to ideal nutrient supply of seedlings
  • Preservation and protection of coated seeds until the optimal degree of moisture is reached
  • No seed losses from seeds being blown away
  • Contains plant health boosters to promote plant health and boost resistance in young plants
  • Contains humic acid for reliable germination and increased nutrient intake
  • Ideal for sowing solutions such as fertiliser spreaders, slug pellet spreaders etc.
  • Active substances (fertiliser, rhizobacteria, absorbers etc.) are placed directly on seeds

    Selected examples:

    Coated Seed WASP with water absorber
    Coated Seed Nutri with starter nutrient
    Coated Seed Rhizo with rhizobacteria